A Finite Element Implementation of Mooney-Rivlin's Strain by Dettmar J. PDF

By Dettmar J.

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7 Exercises 1. Use mathematical induction to show that i = n(n21) 2. 5 for more about binary trees). 3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of measuring the running time of a program by timing it while it executes on a computer. Is this a reliable performance measure? 4. Implement sequentialSearch and binarySearch and graph their execution times as input grows large. Since both programs realize worst-case performance when search fails, you will probably want to use search keys that do not occur in the input Chap.

Show that f (n) E 0(g(n)) implies g(n) E Q (f (n)). 17. Use decision trees to show that comparison-based sorting (problem SORT) has lower bound £2(n logn). ] 18. Use decision trees to show a lower bound of Q (log n) for the yes/no version of problem SEARCH: Given a sorted array a of n distinct integers and a search key x, report whether or not x occurs in a. ) 3 Data Structures Data structures-methods fororganizing data-are the principal building blocks from which algorithms are pieced together.

Familiarity with how these ADTs are implemented-besides being of interest in its own right-will enable us to implement and run the algorithms which employ them. Moreover, knowing how an ADT is implemented will allow us to tinker with a data structure when it only approximately meets our needs. Sec. 2 25 Linked Lists Linked Lists The linked list, like the array, is used to manipulate lists of items. The items are stored in the nodes of the linked list, ordered sequentially in list order. Each node possesses a pointer-often known as a link-to the next node.

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