A Directory of Arrhenius Parameters: Metals - download pdf or read online

By D. J. Fisher

ISBN-10: 3038351164

ISBN-13: 9783038351160

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Huggins: Metallurgical Transactions B, 1980, 11[3], 131-7 Defect and Diffusion Forum Vol. 352 35 [155] Al: Mg Diffusion The diffusive behavior of Mg was studied at 250 to 440C. Calais: Journal of Nuclear Materials, 1971, 38[2], 197-202 [156] Al: Mn Diffusion The migration of 54Mn in pure Al was studied at 917 to 843K by using the serial sectioning technique. 29eV lower than the previously reported value. Kedves: Philosophical Magazine Letters, 1989, 60[5], 219-24 [157] Al: Mn Diffusion The impurity diffusion of Mn was studied at 843 to 927K by using the serial sectioning method.

Reddy: Journal of Physics D, 1984, 17[1], 125-33 [223] Co: Co Surface Diffusion Grain-boundary grooving methods were used to investigate surface self-diffusion at 780 to 1070C. Trivedi: Acta Metallurgica, 1973, 21[5], 611-20 [224] Co: Cr Grain Boundary Diffusion The diffusion of Cr through 100nm-thick Co films was investigated, using Xray photoelectron spectroscopy, at 300 to 400C. The grain boundary diffusivities were determined by modelling the accumulation of Cr on Co surfaces as a function of time at a given temperature.

Electron microprobe techniques were used to measure the Si distribution. 81(eV)/kT] The values were much higher than those measured in wrought Al. 0008mm. Queirolo: Thin Solid Films, 1985, 128[3-4], 217-23 [163] Al: Si Diffusion Classical diffusion equations were applied to the interdiffusion of a sandwich of amorphous Si and Al at 470 to 570C. Izmirilyan: Solid State Electronics, 1982, 25[12], 1187-8 [164] Al: Sn Diffusion The temperature and pressure dependences of the diffusion of 113Sn which had been implanted into high-purity single crystals were investigated by using the serial sectioning technique.

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