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By Alan Dean Foster

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For eons, the Amplitur had searched area for clever species, each one of which used to be joyously welcomed to participate within the success of the Amplitur objective. even if it desired to or no longer. while the Amplitur and their allies stumbled upon the races known as the Weave, the aim appeared poised for a very good step forward. however the Weave's fantastic team spirit additionally gave it the facility to struggle the Amplitur and their reason. And struggle it did -- for millions of years.

Will Dulac was once a brand new Orleans composer who proposal the tiny reef off Belize may be the ideal spot to drop anchor and end his most modern symphony in solitude. What he came upon as an alternative was once a bunch of alien viewers -- a scouting occasion for the Weave, having a look. for allies between what they believed to be a uniquely warlike race: Humans.
Will attempted to persuade the extraterrestrial beings that guy used to be essentially peaceable, for he understood that Human involvement might break the race. yet all too quickly, it didn't topic. The Amplitur had chanced on Earth...
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When contacted they were less developed than the Crigolit, more so than the Molitar, and as helpful as any. Unlike some other peoples, they had wisely chosen not to fight when fighting would have been futile. They had demonstrated unexpected maturity by immediately opening themselves to the beauty and wonder of the Purpose. That was the inevitable decision of any truly civilized people, One-who-Decides knew as the sickle swung from Navigation toward Internal Engineering. Seeing their commander approach, the staff at that position busied themselves.

There was work of Purpose to be done. Sometimes logic and reason were not enough. On such occasions it was necessary to employ primitive but graphic methods to demonstrate new realities to the unenlightened. The Amplitur always regretted this, but not as much as they would have regretted abandoning an intelligent race to the inevitability of self-destruction. As a people, the Amplitur had dedicated their very existence to the prevention of such disasters. As long as they had the will and the strength to help, no species would fail to realize its full potential.

The moment needed to be commemorated. As they gathered aboard the flagship there was much intertwining of tentacles tips and soft husking of mouthparts. Despite the stress of the expedition and attendant combat, two of the Amplitur were reproducing. Following a fifteen-month gestation period, the large buds blossoming from their backs would be carefully removed and placed in nursery environments to mature as new individuals. Until that time the budding infants would depend on nutrients supplied by their parenting bodies.

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