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By Martin Cohen

ISBN-10: 0415261295

ISBN-13: 9780415261296

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But there doesn’t seem to be an unbreakable link between eating sweets or chocolate or whatever, and becoming unhealthy. ’ It is clearly a serious matter, worthy of debate. But which parts—if any-of the plan should the Ministers back? 27 Problem 22 New Diktatia II (The issue is highlighted…) The rest of the Cabinet think Madame Dampsponge is taxing pleasure, and are initially rather doubtful. But, after seeing the educational films and pages of research charting the scientific evidence, they become convinced that changing the nation’s diet would save large numbers of people from serious illness and premature death.

16 Problem 12 Diktatia II It seemed a very sensible arrangement, for everyone except the unlucky two, at least until the next bomb went off—at which point the others were all rounded up again. One of the group now suggests that the only morally correct thing to do is to have nothing to do with the execution decision. They should all proclaim their innocence, the wickedness of the government, etc. and, if they die, it will at least be with clean hands. If they again allow two others, whether picked by straws or whether ‘volunteers’, to die to save their skins they would have participated in something quite wrong.

But is she going too far? 28 Problem 23 New Diktatia III (The net tightens…) Madame Dampsponge herself thinks not. After winning support for these proposals, and seeing a slight reduction in obesity cases, she returns a third time to the Cabinet. She is sickened, as all decent people are, by the habits of sugar addicts, including the eating of chocolates and crisps secretly in the toilets of trains and in public areas. This time the Minister for Health wants a complete ban on the sale of sweets and it being made a criminal offence to sell—or even cook at home—the various products on the ‘restricted’ list.

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